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Publications and Presentations

I Need a Nuisance Odor Prevention Plan - Should I Be Afraid - Mark A. Perkins, P.E.

Prioritize Odor Control Alternatives with Dispersion Modeling - Charlotte G. Smith, P.E.

High Speed Turbo Blowers for Wastewater Treatment Aeration - James S. McMillen, P.E.

Corrosion Management in Plants and Pipelines: Costs, Consequences and Management Options - Mark A. Perkins, P.E.

Ventilation and Odor Control in Dewatering Buildings - James S. McMillen, P.E., et al.

How Will Biosolids Smell When The Reach the Application Site: An Assessment of Odor Measurement Techniques and the Impact of Plant Processes - Charlotte G. Smith, P.E., et al.

Proactively Monitoring and Managing Odors using Real-Time Odor Plume Prediction - Charlotte G. Smith, P.E., et al.

Sewage Air Release Valves: How to Keep a Necessary Evil from Becoming Unnecessarily Evil - Mark A. Perkins, P.E.

The Ins and Outs of Fan Testing in the Real World - Justin A. Angel, P.E., et al.

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